Q. I'm having trouble logging into the website?
A.  It's been know to happen ocassionally and the best thing to try is to clear your cache / history and or open a new tab / window and try it again.  Whether it be from the social networks or username fields that you are trying to use.  Sometimes when you log out and log in again real fast it does give an error or repeat the sign up page. Sorry for the troubles, basically the cookie may have to expire before loging in again. And or if you have AdBlock enabled in your browser you may never get to the pages you actually want to be on, try disabling it on this website for best performance. (we currently don't have any 3rd party ads anyway's.)

Q.  I subscribed and still have an active VIP Membership but do not see the galleries?
A.  One thing to understand is that when you create an account and purchse a membership with let's say the Facebook login button, you will only have access to VIP Galleries when you login using the Facebook button and not the other methods.  By using the other social networks login buttons or by registering using your email address, you essentially create a new account. So use the same account you purchased a membership with.

Q. Do I have to pay to get my photos?
A.  It's optional.  While I highlight the "TOP" photos of the night and are availabe to all registered members for free,  we also offer VIP Memberships to access all the other photos that didn't make the cut.  We offer multiple membership options for different durations to suit your budget for membership access. 

Q.  Why do you charge to get photos?
A.  I have been doing nightlife/events photography since 2004, first with printing on demand to open HTML thumbnail galleries for everyone to access back in the day, to this day I still have to defend my photos that are posted on hate websites that defame and humiliate people, i dislike that and feel you would too.  So instead of having photos a free for all, we think we are reserving some sort of privacy for the people that we snap photos of, that's why we call them VIP Members, because they are now exclusive to us. It's optional to join a VIP Membership but its the only way to gain access to these photos.  So, it's exclusive for those that actually have a real interest in purchasing access to their photos.  We've also have had a significant drop in traffic because of this new implementation but we feel its worth it because it keeps the haters out and the right people in.  It seems to be working.

Q. Why is there a logo on all the photos?
A.  We're proud of all our pics no matter how silly, naughty, scandalous, or outrageous they may be, so we add our logo to the bottom left corner.  Since 2004 we knew that it was going to be a big role in our advertising online, and we were right.  Every photog and their mom now places a logo or watermark on their photos.  Some even go way overboard and tag them with super large logos or even cover the entire photo with 4 to 10 logos- WTH! that's dumb, why would anyone want a photo covered with all kinds of logo crap... so as always we keep it clean and simple.   And.. going back to defending our photos, it's also a way for us to secure our assets for copyright infringement from 3rd party hater websites using our pics without our written permissions.  You just have to remember that when you post any photo to your social profiles everyone will have access to steal them and that's beyond our control, and if you crop our logo off, it still is copyrighted by us but without that visual protection from 3rd party usage. It really is a deterrent for hater websites when you keep them on!

Q.  I don't have PAYPAL, can I use another way to pay?
A.  Right now our only payment processor is with PAYPAL, you don't even have to create an account with them anymore, just click on the link on the right when you get redirected to the payment form and you will be able to use your credit or debit card, its quick ,easy, and secure.  None of your personal credit card information is stored on our servers, PAYPAL has millions of dollars invested in their online security and protecting your private financial information to do that for us, we like most start up websites unfortunately could not afford that, so we will stick with their trusted security and just provide you photos.  Once completed and approved, you will be redirected back to the website with full access to the photos, you may just have to login again.

Q.  Do you have discounts or sales?
A.  Sometimes! first check the card your photographer gave you, there could be a VIP code on there that will offer you a discount, type it in once you get to selecting a membership.  Also check on the page of the article, a VIP code can be found on there too.

Q. Can I view the website on my mobile phone?
A.  Yes and No, while the website is geared for mobile phones and tablets it may act weird or not display properly on on all devices or certain pages, we recommend keeping  your browsers up to date and if possible use a laptop or desktop to sign in and access the website.

Q.  I have a technical issue with my account?
A.  We ask that all issues whether technical or billing please create a support ticket.  Please note that we do not have a 24/7 support staff waiting on hand, but we will get to your emails as soon as can, usually within 48 hrs., be forewarned there is no instant support.  We ask that all correspondence be kept in our ticket system so we are all onboard of the issues, replies back, and resolutions of tickets.  Basically its easy to track issues easily.