Paul, Kyleigh, and Rosalie


Greets everyone! 

I'm Paul, a freelance photographer and creator of BARfriender. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by and share with you how this all started.  I started in photography by "accident" and it has taken me on many journies with amazing clients over the years and very grateful for. Since 2004 I've helped pioneer the channels of incorporating digital photography and nightclub photography. Initially in Tucson, to Vegas, Scottsdale, and now currently back in Tucson.  No doubt it was a blast and a great adventure, but it came to a point where the need to create a dedicated nightlife website other than my original was necessary to keep organized and rebrand that channel in my photography, so in May of 2008 was in full creation. BARfriender is always going to seem to be "in the works" as I have a lot of ideas on what I really would like it to turn out to be.  But the main idea of this site is to recognize all people in the nightlife industry that work hard at providing services and entertainment for you and me. presents the events and provides the digital photo afterparty so you, your friends, and visitors can recap them all.  All these events are captured by myself and or other contributing photographers.

So join us here on our new community and follow us to our next featured event, VIP Memberships at BARfriender are paid access and optional, I value your support and contributions so I can continue to provided you and others a greater experience and tons more photos each and every week.


Paul Cevantez
Founder / Photographer


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